The Planet Is Heating Up: Here’s What You Can Do

Achieving Net Zero has never been this simple! From eliminating waste to cutting your carbon footprint, MTronic helps businesses become environmentally sustainable! 

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1 Feb

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Hamza Zafar
Hamza ZafarMarketing Manager
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The Planet Is Heating Up: Here’s What You Can Do

Our survival is very closely linked to the planet's health, and it feels like nature is hanging by a thread. You must have noticed the weather getting more erratic lately. Extreme heat, intense cold spells, unexpected floods... it’s not mere imagination but a grim reality we all share. The planet’s temperature is rising fast, threatening life as we know it.  

Scientists say that even a moderate 1-2°C increase could drown coastal cities as the polar ice caps melt. And you can bet that this is just the start. Rising heat would also release the vast reserves of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, buried under the ocean floor. This, in turn, will speed up global warming, leading to a further increase in ocean levels - a vicious cycle stuck on repeat.  

The time to act is now. Even a small fraction of an increase in temperature matters. As businesses and individuals, we must work rapidly towards “net-zero”- eliminating as many emissions as we produce.

We know it may seem daunting, but making a difference doesn't have to be complicated. Small steps, starting right where we live and work, can lead to significant changes. 

Introducing Smart Buildings   

Buildings produce almost 1/3 of global emissions. Building materials, such as cement, bricks, etc., account for around 9% of emissions, which we refer to as direct emissions. While a whopping 18% is from the electricity and heat used to operate these buildings, known as indirect emissions. Although direct emissions are declining, indirect ones keep going up. This is where we come in.  

a blue and yellow pie chart showing top five factors contributing to CO2 emission

Source: International Energy Agency

Human negligence accounts for a big chunk of these emissions. People think that their contribution to emissions must be negligible. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different. For example, lights left on in a room that no one is using or ACs cooling/heating empty rooms, have a much more significant impact than we think.  

These small instances of lights left on in empty rooms and AC units running unchecked add up. But what if we could significantly reduce human negligence in our buildings and automate our energy consumption?   

Smart building technology brings this vision to life! Smart devices can make buildings work based on patterns you set. In Pakistan, the options for smart devices and automation solutions are quite limited. This is where MTronic comes in - a German-designed automation solution manufactured in Pakistan following international best practices.

MTronic's automation brings many benefits, such as convenience and comfort, and helps eliminate human negligence to limit energy waste. That means MTronic can be the solution you were seeking to start your net-zero journey.  

MTronic's Motion & Light Sensors can detect your presence and adjust devices automatically. When paired with Touch Panels, lights will switch off when the room is empty or when there is already ample natural light.  You can even schedule AC usage based on presence in the room. Smart devices connect to form a unified, self-regulating ecosystem programmed for efficiency. See, it isn’t that difficult to be environmentally sustainable in today’s world now, is it?  

Savings Add Up... To the Planet’s Benefit   

Thinking “my efforts are just one small dot” is understandable. But small dots form the bigger picture! So here is what we did to help you understand this: 

Across 3 office buildings, we compared energy consumption over a period of 12 hours, with and without MTronic's automation. And the results are amazing.

  • A 4,200 sq. ft. workspace saw 35.49% less kWh energy use after automation.
  • A 2,650 sq. ft. office used 42.86% less kWh energy. 
  • And the largest site, 5,800 sq. ft., dropped 50.59% in kWh energy consumption!
a 2D illustration of blue buildings in ascending order of size

Half the energy use? That's half the associated emissions! This data shows that automation can massively reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint. And what's more, you can save money on your electricity bills. So, automation is sustainable in more ways than just one!

Want to see how we achieved these energy savings? Download our whitepaper to learn more about our experiment.

Now, what's behind these energy savings? MTronic helps save energy through two types of automations.

Motion-Based Automation

Automation kicks in when motion (or no motion) is detected.

MTronic's Motion & Light Sensors detect presence and communicate with other smart devices to turn on lights, ACs, and other appliances. They can also pick up light intensity and switch lights off accordingly. This helps minimise waste when the spaces sit empty or when natural light is available. 

Time-Based Automation    

Automation starts at a specific time or for a set period.

The energy consumption of always-on appliances such as electric geysers can be reduced by scheduling their usage. You can also save on electric bills by scheduling the use of these appliances during low-tariff hours.   

With motion and time-based automations working together, energy consumption aligns with actual needs. Any human oversight is eliminated by the automated ecosystem. The result? Optimised efficiency and significant savings around the clock!   

Begin Your Journey to Net Zero   

They say numbers don't lie. And our numbers show that smart buildings are key to reaching net zero. They could significantly reduce emissions, making them crucial for a greener future for our planet. 

A 2D illustration of different ways net zero is attenable.


So, whether you have a single-room office or manage several buildings, automation can help you reach your net zero goals. It may seem complex, but MTronic is here to help. With our end-to-end service, you don’t have to be on this journey alone.  We can help you find your footing and take your first step towards net zero. Just give us a call or drop us a message and we will survey your building and tell you how you can work towards saving the planet! After all, we have a responsibility to make life easier for our future generations. 

Net Zero
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